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Welcome to the new Website of Judaica Art of Chaya Feyga, who is a one of a kind artist, designer and painter.

On our website you can find a variety of Judaica Art creations, originals and copies of original artwork; on pergament, Canvas, paper and more. Furthermore, in our assortment you will find Brachot (Blessings), Megillot (scrolls), Ketubot (Jewish Marriage Contracts), and more. We offer Jewish Art in an original style.

To order you just need to fill out a user-friendly contact form. 

You are welcome to choose from our existing collection or make a customized order. You could order anything your heart desires, from a beautiful Landscape to a Portrait, or anything else that would add to your living room or that you would want to give as a gift to someone dear to you.

Note: The website is expending and soon we will add to our collection additional artwork and religious articles (Tashmishei kedusha) and gifts for donors.  

At Judaica Art of Chaya Feyga we have an amazingly attentive Customer service, low prizes, fast shipping, and more benefits that you will experience. Furthermore, we are famous for our professional and warm service. 

Latest Products

צפת האור הגנוז

צפת בתחפושת

האדמו"ר מויזניץ זצוק"ל

הצדיק המקובל רבי דוד אבוחצירא שליט"א

רבנו ישראל אבוחצירה הבבא סאלי זי"ע

כתובה שער השמים

הדלקת נרות שבת ויום טוב שער הרחמים

כתובה שער השמים

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